Your post should include a working link to a news article and a statement about

    Your post should include a working link to a news article and a statement about your link relating it to federalism. Your statement should be at least 200 words. In the first paragraph, provide a detailed summary of the article. In the second paragraph, specifically tell us how your article relates to federalism – you should demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the course material. DO NOT just post a link with no explanation or this will not be counted for points. You can pick an article related to anything in the module we are covering. Please avoid opinion pieces (which should be labeled “opinion” by the newspaper or news outlet) as these may include unverified facts or claims.
    The link to your article should be recent. If it’s from a news site, it should be no older than 6 months old (i.e. published within the last 6 months). You may also provide a link to a scholarly article from an academic journal. If you choose to do so, please download and attach the article to your post (do not copy the address bar in your browser; the link will not work). Scholarly articles from academic journals can be up to 1 year old. Please use news sites that adhere to professional journalistic norms and standards – please stay away from obvious conspiracies/not news sites. You may also use links to government websites or press releases from officials. If you are unsure about a source, ask me. (Note: Articles on the web magazine site “The Federalist” are probably not related to federalism and are thus not appropriate for this discussion board)
    You are required to provide substantive and thoughtful responses to at least two other posts on our discussion board. Be mindful of what others are posting and do not post the same articles (related are okay, but try to take a different position). If someone responds to your comment, you will be expected to comment back. If discussion is happening on a link you shared, you are expected to participate. It’s okay to disagree with each other. Just keep it civil and respectful, and be prepared to back up any statements you make with evidence if someone asks you for sources.
    Click “Create Thread” to begin your original post. In the “Subject” of your thread, provide the name of the article you’re linking, the name of the news outlet or scholarly journal your article is published in, and the date (Month/Year) the article was published.

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