Why do passive filters not provide current amplification? Passive  filters d

    Why do passive filters not provide current amplification?
    Passive  filters do not provide current amplification because passive filters  are made up of passive components such as resistors, capacitors, and  inductors and have no amplifying elements (ElectronicsTutorial, n.d.).  Therefore, no signal gain and output level is always less than or never  exceeds the input.
    What is circuit isolation and why is not having any of a passive filter a disadvantage?
    Circuit  isolation provides a barrier using a mechanic switch to separate two  circuits to prevent dangerous voltages from passing through the  electrical circuit in the event of an electrical fault or failure in the  system (AtlasScientific, 2022). The disadvantage of not having a  passive filter is the circuit isolation will still allow any range of  frequency to pass through the circuit.
    What are first order and second order filter and what are their uses?
    A  first order filter can be made by connecting together a single resistor  and a single capacitor/inductor in series across an input signal (Vin),  with the output of the filter (Vout) taken from the junction of these  two components (ElectronicsTutorial, n.d.). A second order filter will  have two of either components, and the stability of the system is  proportional to the order of the filter.
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