Using the link provided you will argue in favor of the NSA harvesting warrantles

    Using the link provided you will argue in favor of the NSA harvesting warrantless data harvesting using Utilitarianism theory (examples would be to prevent and combat terrorism, etc.):
    Follow the outline exactly. Also, never begin the ARGUMENT with a summary of the facts of the case. Also, never say “I believe”, etc.
    Here is the link to the article:
    Below is an example:
    (Utilitarianism Theory)
    Utilitarianism promotes consequences that bring the greatest benefit and the least harm overall. The actions of the FSB promote an overall benefit, and the groups who benefit are the FSB, citizens of Russia, tourists, and Olympic athletes. The FSB bene­fits through the ability to find spies and deter attacks. Monitoring communication to thwart security risks will not only safeguard the nation from security risks, but the repu­tation of the government as well. Government reputation will remain intact, because appropriate measures were taken to prevent potential attacks. If the government took no action or precaution against attacks, they would be publicly shamed. This is avoided by the FSB’s surveillance. The rest of the parties benefit by the additional safety provided. The citizens of Russia, tourists, and Olympic athletes do not have to worry about potential threats that endanger their safety, such as terrorist attacks. Monitoring
    Conversations are simply a precautionary measure and effort by the FSB to ensure the safety of all involved parties, an act of overall benefit.
    The only groups that are harmed are spies and the terrorists plotting an attack on Rus­sia. The rest of the previously mentioned parties involved are not harmed by having their data monitored, because if you are innocent then having your calls monitored will not harm you in any way. Spies would be harmed by losing their cover. When trying to extract as much information from Russia without being detected, they risk being caught when attempting to relay information if their data is discovered through monitoring. Likewise, terrorists would be harmed, because they would be caught and persecuted.
    Additionally, their plans of attack, for whatever cause they represent, would be thwarted. Consequently, the plans and motives of both of these parties for relaying in­formation would be thwarted, and they would face punishment. This shows the overall harm that the actions of monitoring conversations has on these two groups. Overall, the benefits of monitoring the conversations of the Russian citizens, tourists, and Olympic athletes for safety against attacks outweighs the overall harm done to the group of terrorists and spies that linger in these three parties. The harm done to terror­ists and spies by thwarting potential security breaches and attacks are outweighed by the benefit of providing safety for the majority during the Olympics.

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