Using the attached Introduction (TEMPLATE), write a 2-4 page introduction to pro

    Using the attached Introduction (TEMPLATE), write a 2-4 page introduction to project (not counting Title page, Reference page, or any Appendices). In this section of proposal, you will include the following information:
    Introduction to the Problem (brief discussion of the area of interest, then present the subsequent subsections of the chapter)
    Background of the Problem (brief historical perspective and explanation of why the problem remains unsolved at this time)
    Statement of the Problem (the health care issue you are addressing in a statement form … e.g., “The problem is …”)
    Purpose of the Study (why the study is being conducted … e.g., to effect change, to compare and contrast, to predict future situations, etc.)
    Research Question(s) (used in either qualitative or quantitative studies) STATE RESEARCH QUESTION.
    Significance of the Study (provide information regarding the importance of the study)
    Assumptions (factors the researcher (you) is (are) asking the reader to accept as conditions of the study)
    Limitations (factors or conditions that may affect the data and are out of the researcher’s control)
    Summary (summarizes Chapter 1 and introduces remaining chapters, including the subsections for each chapter)
    Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (7th edition, 2020).
    It is necessary to increase public awareness of the health of American children. According to Mayo Clinic (2022), “The increasing number of children with obesity has led to more cases of type 2 diabetes in younger people”. Understanding how the factors diet and exercise contribute to type 2 diabetes in American children may help prevent those children from developing the condition. The prevention of type 2 diabetes in American children can enhance population health if certain factors within their lives are met.

    Research Questions
    Has the increase of processed food caused type 2 diabetes to rise in American children?
    How much exercise do children get?
    Is the amount of exercise they get less than, equal to, or greater than the recommended amount?
    Are children in food desert/food apartheid more prone to obtain type 2 diabetes?
    Study Variables
    Dependent Variable: Diabetes in children

    Independent Variable(s): Food and exercise
    Study Design
    Systematic literature review

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