To prepare for this assignment, select a grade range of interest (elementary sch

    To prepare for this assignment, select a grade range of interest (elementary school). Then, select any disability of interest (Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),
    You will create a one-page, two-sided informational brochure appropriate to provide parents or legal guardians of children with a suspected disability in the school of interest to you to aid the parents or legal guardians in understanding what special education services might be available for their child. You may use a combination of text and visuals (e.g., graphs, charts, tables, pictures).
    In the brochure, be sure to address the following:
    Include a brief descriiption of your school.
    Incorporate a brief overview of the disability area of your choosing.
    Describe what a continuum of services option is and why it is important.
    Refer to the disability area of your choice to identify potentially three or four placements along the continuum.
    Describe at least two services or strategies that might be implemented to help a child identified with the disability, including how educators might collaborate with one another in the delivery of the service or strategy.
    Length: One page, two-sided brochure or handout
    References: Include a minimum of three credible or scholarly resources.

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