This section is for the method section of a previous written paper. The previous

    This section is for the method section of a previous written paper. The previous papers link is included in the upload below as well as a template for the method section.
    A. You will be developing and describing the methods for conducting your research. The research plan should be a detailed descriiption of how you plan to carry out every aspect of your research and be detailed enough so that someone wanting to replicate your study will do it exactly as you have. The research plan is your methodology and should include the following information:
    1. Project/Research overview (feel free to use information from Part I)
    2. Subjects
    3. Independent Variable ( Functional communicating training)
    4. Dependent Variable (needs to be operationally defined. What problem behaviors are you focusing on)
    5. Measures ( Describe your data sheets used to measure rate/frequency data)
    6. Procedures (Which paradigm you are going to use? ABAB, multiple baseline, alt treatment?)
    i. Step by step guide describing each research phase
    ii. Procedures for ensuring internal validity ( In this section, discuss how you would address the following from Dallery & Raiff (2014), “The design provides at least three demonstrations of experimental effect at three different points in time • The design controls for common threats to internal validity *There are a sufficient number of data points for each phase (e.g., minimum of five) for each participant • The results document a pattern that demonstrates experimental control” p.3
    7. Ethical Considerations: A descriiption of how data (and those whose data are included in the data set) will be protected is included. How will you ensure confidentiality?
    8. Descriiption of Procedures for analysis:
    a. Visual analysis is the accepted analysis for SCD but some research may use means by phase.

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