This assignment consists of three separate but related components, two of which

    This assignment consists of three separate but related components, two of which (the cover letter and your resume) must be of professional writing quality. All three components must be submitted as ONE SINGLE DOCUMENT (unless an alternative format is selected for your Resume – see details below).
    The first component, your Job Search, should be a typed listing of the elements presented in “Organizing Your Job Search,” the handout provided for this assignment. One paragraph (a paragraph being defined as three or more related sentences) for each subheading (“Types of Technical Jobs,” “What Job is Best for You,” etc.) should suffice, if composed thoughtfully and presented formally. For “Choosing References,” the contact information for each reference is not necessary; however, this paragraph should include the names of each of your potential references (at least three), why you feel each would be a good reference for you, and what that person is likely to tell potential employers about you. Contact information for your references is NOT required for this part of the assignment.
    The second component, your Cover Letter, should respond to a potential employer’s advertisement, job posting, or some other avenue for developing a lead you might be interested in pursuing. While your interest in the specific job itself may be imagined, the job for which you are applying MUST BE GENUINE; i.e., you should write your cover letter as though you were actually applying for a job listing you found in the employment section of the classified ads in a newspaper. Please provide a copy or working internet link to the job advertisement to which you are responding.
    The third component, your Resume, must be LETTER PERFECT and appropriate for professional use. Regardless of other content, the LAST category heading should be “References” and state, in proper format, “Available upon request.” The purpose of developing this formal document NOW is to have it ready for potential employers when you are ready to enter the job market in the near future, so DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME working on bogus or “padded” WORTHLESS PIECES OF PAPER simply to fulfill an assignment! You must also prepare a SEPARATE page, with the same heading, layout, and style as your resume, with the single category heading of “References.” This page will contain the names of your potential references, arranged in alphabetic order, with current contact information for each source. If you will be seeking a job in a creative field, you may prepare a digital or electronic resume (such as a “Prezume” using Prezi, or another similar format) in lieu of a more traditional formal resume; however, you MUST include all major components of a standard professional resume to receive full credit for this part of the assignment.
    include a formal follow-up letter or thank-you note to your interviewer, composed as though you have completed an initial interview for the position for which you are applying in your cover letter.
    please I need this assigment ot be foloowed like the instruction wanted

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