Task: Please read the two sources: Patrick White, “Developing Research Question

    Task: Please read the two sources:
    Patrick White, “Developing Research Questions: a guide for students, researcher and pratitioners”, (Palgrave, 2008), Chapter 2 “What makes a research question” p.33-59.
    Peter Burnham, Karin Gilland Lutz, Wyn Grant, and Zig Layton-Henry, Research Methods in Politics, 2nd ed. (Hampshire: Palgrave, 2008), Ch. 11 ‘Ethics and Political Research’
    Please go back to your post-it with your proposed question and consider again how it compares with what your read in this phase of the dissertation module.
    Is the question one you are still interested in and one you think worthy of devoting your time and energy to?
    Remember, don’t worry if you are unsure – research is an iterative process.
    Respond: Please post your updated question to the forum, and take time to read other people’s contributions.
    Maybe someone else’s ‘form of words’ will be helpful in trying to get your point across.
    Tip: keeping your Post-It explanation to hand/in your head will enable you to quickly explain your purpose to your friends and colleagues. That kind of erudite explanation, admittedly on a larger scale, is crucial for high quality research.
    Outcome: You will have formulated, in draft form, an overarching question that may form the basis of your future dissertation, (equally it may not ultimately be the question, or even the subject area you address, but you will have gone through the process of formulating a research question).
    In doing this, you will have honed your writing, research and analytical skills.

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