Please create ppt slides and transcript I have done already the first step of c

    Please create ppt slides and transcript
    I have done already the first step of choosing the issue, specialism and innovation which are:
    Specialism: Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP)
    Issue: Shortage of staff which resulted long wait in A&E
    Innovation: recruiting International workforce
    Please check below the attachments
    Learning Outcomes The intended module learning outcomes are that on completion of this module students should be able to: 1. Critically discuss the implications and impact of contemporary adult nursing issues on care provision and service delivery considering the current political agendas. 2. Evaluate adult nursing care innovations and roles in specialist environments 3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of local, national and international issues affecting the development of nursing practice. ?
    Choose one area of specialist adult nursing practice. Critically evaluate nursing care innovations and specialist nursing roles taking into account contemporary local, national and international influences affecting your chosen area. Students are asked to create a 15 minutes narrated video powerpoint as their summative assessment , focusing on a specialist area of nursing practice to meet the learning outcomes for the module. This can include a slide/information on a global issue already prepared and presented during the seminar sessions.

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