Part II (5 pt.) Write a very brief and personal comment: People often think that

    Part II
    (5 pt.) Write a very brief and personal comment: People often think that only “Old White Guys” wrote or write classical music”. Many composers of any race, religion, ethnic group, or gender normally begin composing at an early age especially starting with the 18th century to the present. Some as early as ages 3 and 4. Writing means (writing it down on music paper).
    (5 pt.) Write a brief and personal comment. “Classical music is by and for the rich and elite”. That is a complete fallacy! Did you know that many of the great composers from the past, and present come from poverty, abuse, and all too often, exploitation?
    (5pt.) Back to India: What is your understanding of a raga? Use the MindTap textbook and keep it brief.
    (10 pt.) Answer these: Part 1: Listen then respond to her explanations and music demonstration. Referring to her explanation is useful but incomplete unless you attempt to say something (in your own words) about the flow of the melody and singing. There are no wrong answers but try referring to the rhythm of the vocal melody and all its nuances. Part 2: How and why may this performance have changed your thinking and perception of Carnatic music?
    (5 pt.) Amazing Carnatic Music video. At the very beginning of the video and especially from 0:13 to 0:23 the strings and woodwind instruments imitate, antiphonally, back and forth the exact same rhythms as the drummers. Answer these: Would you have been able to identify the antiphonal pattern without my aid? How many times did it take you to finally recognize the patterns?
    (5pt.) During this same, Amazing Carnatic Music video which instrument is playing the melody beginning at timestamp 3:35?
    10 pt.) This chapter discusses emotions through the use of coloring tones etc… important is “conditioned response”? Answer this: In other words, would you, as someone who may listen mainly to one or two types of American pop culture music or even “classical” music be able to recognize the coloring of emotions attached to a designated scale from a classical Indian song? Defend your answer.
    Part III:
    (10 pt.) What is “Word Painting”? Read this first: In Western Music, the concept began around the early Renaissance period. The opera composer, Henry Purcell, the composer of “Pox on You”, was one of the leading new style composers that became opera back in the late Renaissance and early Baroque period of classical music. . His music was filled with word painting. The Carnatic music of India uses word painting through emotional coloring.
    Instrumental music in our western culture creates emotional painting especially realized by the majority of people watching Hollywood movies and hearing the music that sets the scene. A majority of Hollywood movie music is either a rip-off of dead 19th through 20th-century composers or tweaked by “ghost composers” similar to “ghost writers” Answer this: Describe what you learned from the video on Word Painting and Instrumental painting of emotions.
    (15 pt.) Pop songs that rip- off classical music: this video shows only a very small selection of pop songs ripping off classical music. There are many more examples, but time does not permit it. Answer these: What did you glean from this video? Is the stealing of other people’s creative and intellectual property acceptable? What if it happened to you? PS, you will be even more surprised when we visit movie music and plagiarism.

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