Part 1 Example I want to test whether room temperature impacts aggressive behavi

    Part 1
    Example I want to test whether room temperature impacts aggressive behavior. I will expose half of my participants to a hot room and the other half of them to a cool room. I would make sure the lighting in both rooms is the same and that both rooms are very quite. These will assure that lighting and noise do not impact participants’ aggression. For each participant, I will flip a coin to determine which room they will enter. Once inside the room, participants will engage in a competitive game with a confederate. The winner of the game will be allowed to punish their opponent with a punch in the arm. The game will be rigged so that the confederate will always lose. When the participant punches the confederate, the confederate will rate the force of the punch from 1-10. This will serve as my measure of aggression.
    Design an experiment that will test whether technology (IV) affects people’s social skills (DV). Make sure to include the four aspects of a good experiment noted above. I have provided an example experiment below to give you an idea of what I’m looking for. This post should be at least 7 sentences.
    part 3
    Give an example for each of the situations that shows how the specifics of the situation or attitude help attitudes align with behaviors.
    Accessibility – Accessibility refers to how easily the person can “access” their attitude. If an attitude comes to mind easily and they think about it often, people are likely to use them to make decisions.Social Norms – Social Norms are the behaviors that society decides are appropriate for people to do. Sometimes they align with peoples attitudes and other times they don’t. Socially normative behaviors are easier to perform in public. But if a person’s attitudes toward a behavior conflict with social norms, they may avoid the behavior just to please others or stay out of trouble.Specificity – Specificity is about how closely a person’s attitude is related to a “specific” behavior. Attitudes related to specific behaviors are easier to follow. For example, if you really like a political candidate, the obvious related behavior is to vote for that person.Strength – The strength of an attitude is about how much a person believes their attitude. Stronger attitudes align more closely with behavior than weak attitudes, which is probably pretty obvious.
    Social Norms-
    Part 2
    Write about some conformity or non-conformity that is occurring in the real world. This post should be at least 7 sentences.Do you think this conformity should increase or decrease?
    Why do you think people are not conforming as much as they should or are conforming too much?
    How might we bring this conformity to a more appropriate level?
    Who has the power to help this situation?

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