Overview: My assigned behavior is “Tantrums.” In this week’s assignment please

    My assigned behavior is “Tantrums.” In this week’s assignment please provide only the Introduction and Methods portion of the Research. I have highlighted the sections in the attached the template below.
    Before researching a behavior, it is important to first identify and define it. All experiments must have a behavior (dependent variable), at least one participant, and a setting where they take place. For this assignment, you will start writing the Introduction and the Methods section of your hypothetical behavior analytic study. Consider an area of research that interests you. Then, select a specific behavior, population, and setting for your hypothetical study.
    Complete the following sections of your hypothetical behavior analytic study. Use the Hypothetical Behavior Analytic Study Template [DOCX] to complete this assignment. For each assignment you will add new sections.
    Select and operationally define a dependent variable (behavior) for your hypothetical behavior analytic study. Your operational definition should be brief (1–2 sentences), objective, clear, and complete.
    Objective refers to unambiguous descriiption of the behavior; void of mentalistic words. An operational definition that meets the objective criteria is one that is observable and measurable.
    Clear refers to what a person says or does; the topography is clearly defined in such a manner that two observers will have a high agreement when the behavior is observed.
    Complete refers to the boundaries of what is included and excluded. To discriminate the boundaries of the operational definition, include examples and nonexamples with minimal differences.
    For more information about writing an operational definition, review the following information in your Applied Behavior Analysis text.
    Hawkins and Dobes’s three characteristics (top of page 70).
    Morris’s three criteria for testing a definition (page 70).
    Discuss the social significance of the behavior and why your research should address it.
    In your discussion, cite behavior analytic journal articles to support your conclusion or explain why this behavior is socially significant to this group of individuals.
    If you need help using the Capella library, review the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Research Guide.
    Methods: Participants and Setting
    Identify the participants that were targeted in the hypothetical study (diagnosis, age, other important information) and the setting where the study took place. This will be the start of the methods section (participants and setting).

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