M1 Discussion – Why Cultural Competence is Important A theme that reverberates

    M1 Discussion – Why Cultural Competence is Important

    A theme that reverberates throughout the few initial chapters is the importance of self-awareness. My hope is that you begin to understand the material in deeper and more personal ways. Watch the following videos and answer the questions below:
    Cultural Diversity: The Sum of Our Parts by Hilda Mwangi (2017 video, 15 minutes in length, captioned) on You Tube
    Discussion Questions (2-3 paragraphs):
    Consider how diversity enriches your life and expands your world view and experiences.
    What makes you up and how do you want to share who you are with the class this semester and throughout your career in human services? Please do not divulge anything about yourself that will leave you feeling vulnerable. Instead, please follow the same format as Hilda did at the end of her Ted talk.
    Discuss the ways this standard might be helpful in a real-world setting (create a vignette).
    Reflecting on your own cultural identity and influences, discuss what benefits are gained when providers are culturally competent. Which standard do you think you still need to further develop?
    Remember, if you have a current event that is relevant to an issue on diversity that you want to share with the class, post it in the What’s Happening in the News discussion area which is an ungraded, casual space for us to keep current and chat about what is literally happening today!
    Discussion Participation Tips
    Your initial post should be a reflective response that answers all questions, is adequately detailed, and cites outside sources when necessary to support your post. Typically, a post should be at least 250 words to allows you to answer and ask follow up questions, provide supplemental information, and to share views and experiences that draw us into an in-depth and meaningful conversation. Your first response should be posted by midweek and then you should return to respond to at least two other students during the remaining week(s) of the module. Be sure to use APA format to cite sources when putting forth the ideas, opinions, and facts of others.
    I uploaded the content Guides for the Discussion down below.
    Thank you.

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