Instructions: Develop a short film script Keep in mind this is a project that IS

    Develop a short film script
    Keep in mind this is a project that IS DOABLE as a student SHORT film, not a FEATURE.
    Big Hint:
    Please keep your script as simple as positive. Your imagination is vast, has an unlimited budget, and the ideas that come out of it are effortless. Making your films will be constricted, have no budget, and is a lot of work. So, imagine you ideal film and then simplify.
    Super Big Hint:
    For those of you who have never taken art, understand that art is about being creative with what you have. A piece never turns out how you think it will, but “it” has a mind of it’s own. I know this will sound like Obi-Wan Kenobi, giving some new-age hippie advice in the back of a spaceship, but follow the script, and your storyboard, but let the film guide you as you create it.
    Please include:
    Clear Protagonist and Antagonist
    Follows one of the arcs that we have studied
    Is creative, simple and comes from your own imagination
    Follows the script format.
    Script Writing Format
    materials listed below to create script!
    Demarcus W. St. James (The Dealer) – An 18-year-old High school senior. A street brought up in the hoods of Frederiksted, a Complex character who wants to leave the life of a drug dealer, hustler, and street soldier, to one day open his own Auto Mechanic shop, but old habits and demons die hard.
    Jeanna C. King (The Queen) – A 17-year-old High school senior with the resident title of Queen B. Jeanna has never had to want or ask for anything since her parents are prominent socialists within the Virgin Islands. Jeanna, however, as spoiled as she is, has a much darker side; being Queen B often means looking the best, keeping her female friends’ circle in check, being in the limelight, staying on top, and being the alpha female. Still, as the stress and emotions built, she began turning to drugs, sleeping around, and buying things to compensate for how alone she felt.
    Rachel Mendez (The Problem child) – Rachel, the daughter of Immigrants, has a fiery passion, often the loudest and the proudest of the group. With an ear for gossip and a network of friends. She comes off as nosy, hotblooded, with a bad temper, with a distaste for men, and argumentative, but she has dreams of being a journalist and even a newscaster and Tv Host. But sins of the past lay deep in her bones, not allowing her to move on.
    Kyle Wilson(Street Rat) – The product of teen pregnancy with a father in jail, his mother deceased, and siblings either dead or in prison. This young man lives for the sake of entertainment as an escape from his dark past; growing up on the streets f St. Croix has made him savvy and wise; for all the love he never had, his grandparents make up for all of it. He loves music and is currently part of a popular band on its way to national success; he’s also a movie buff with a passion for the stage and acting and even writes. He hopes to get an associate in film writing to make his grandparents happy. Questions whether or not he is worthy of his dreams coming true.
    Christine Dae (The Sweet Heart) – The childhood sweetheart of our protagonist. Very Intelligent. Dreams of going to Harvard and becoming a supreme court justice. She comes from an affluent family and holds high office positions. Her family disapproves of her relationship with the protagonist. Struggled with her parent’s pressure to be perfect, kind, and caring, she gave the eulogy at the deceased friend’s funeral. She doesn’t want to be like her parents.
    Michael Anthony James (The Straight A Protagonist) – Michael is your average run of the mill Highschool student, not too popular, but not too disliked. For most of his life, Michael has grown up in a single-parent home and holds family dear thanks to his mother’s example. The events before our story speak volumes to Michael, who seeks a way out of the turmoil affecting his home daily. Michael notices every time he drives to school that the cemetery is getting fuller and wonders if death will claim him before graduation. Michael has dreams; like most, he’s an athlete dreaming of playing at a Division 1 team, very street smart and books smart. He hopes to be a great man one day; this stems from not growing up with his dad, but he wants to be as great as his stepfather and mother. Witnessed the events that led to the group of friends seeing their friend die.
    Jamal Jones (The Bad Boy) Deceased – An 18-year-old Highschool senior. Notorious bad boy in school who grew up with the hoodlums of the streets in the hood. He grew up with a mother who worked hard and cared for his younger siblings. When his father was killed, Jamal changed, wanting to learn the drug game and even wanting to be a pimp at one point. Hotheaded, he joined a notorious gang back in middle school, Wet to juvie the following year, and attended school with his friends after a year in jail. He always believed that money was his mistress and that everything was just a Shawty on the side. He has a kind side and goes out of his way to help those in need. His past beef came full circle the summer of senior year when a fight ensued with a rival gang, and he was shot dead in front of his friends who tried to save him. His killer has not been brought to justice.
    The school
    Michaels Home
    On the island of St. Croix 6, individuals come from all walks of life & the death of a character leads these characters down different paths as the senior year ends; and these friends’ destinies will be shaped by the decisions they make, ending in love, death, forgiveness, moving on, & growing up.
    The Film concept is about a group of friends from various backgrounds and how one of their friends’ passing changes their course.
    Act 1:
    The film opens with a scene of the group of friends attending the funeral of their friend Jamal. We then see flashbacks of the events leading up to his death. We see the group of friends hanging out, going to school, and working. We also see Jamal’s relationship with his mother and his friends.
    The group of friends is made up of Demarcus, Jeanna, Rachel, Kyle, Christine, and Michael. Demarcus is an 18-year-old high school senior who is a street-wise drug dealer. Jeanna is a 17-year-old high school senior who is the queen bee of her clique. Rachel is a 17-year-old high school senior who is the daughter of immigrants. Kyle is a 18-year-old high school senior who is a street rat. Christine is a 17-year-old high school senior who is the sweetheart of the group. Michael is a 17-year-old high school senior who is the straight-A protagonist of the group.
    Jamal is an 18-year-old high school senior who is a notorious bad boy. He is the leader of a gang. He is also the boyfriend of Jeanna.
    Act 2:
    We see the events that led to the fight that resulted in Jamal’s death. Jamal was killed in a drive-by shooting. The group of friends tries to cope with their loss. They all deal with their grief in different ways. Some of them turn to drugs, others turn to sex, and others turn to violence.
    Demarcus turns to drugs to cope with the loss of his friend. Jeanna turns to sex to cope with the loss of her boyfriend. Rachel turns to violence to cope with the loss of her friend. Kyle turns to music to cope with the loss of his friend. Christine turns to her studies to cope with the loss of her friend. Michael turns to writing to cope with the loss of his friend. The group of friends starts to drift apart as they all deal with their grief in different ways.
    Act 3:
    The group of friends attends Jamal’s killer’s trial. The killer is found guilty and is sentenced to life in prison. The group of friends reconciles and becomes closer than ever. They all agree to never forget Jamal and the impact he had on their lives.
    The film ends with the group of friends attending Jamal’s killer’s trial.

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