In Writing Assignment #1, you will compose a memo a minimum of 800 words in leng

    In Writing Assignment #1, you will compose a memo a minimum of 800 words in length — a specific kind of business writing. You will address your memo to someone whom you would have to persuade to take action on the problem you want to solve.
    Below is the topic I’m doing:
    Question One

    In my department, when our floor manager gets upset with an employee for wrongdoing, he says, “You are an idiot.” Thus, instead of tackling the mistake, he attacks the person’s character, fails to address the real behavioral issue, and stops at that. This disappoints people, making most of them leave the organization. Hence, the firm encounters high turnover, which is costly for the organization.

    Question Two

    Yes. This is an example of emotional disconnect evident in Lumen Learning (n.d.) since the floor manager is a sender who is emotionally upset. As such, he fails to present ideas successfully and instead opts to attack the addressee’s character. Also, it signifies attitudinal barriers on the part of the sender, who looks down upon the staff since he is the manager. This is evidenced by Rani (2016), who holds that discrimination emerges when individuals judge others or groups without thinking clearly. Hence, the floor manager uses emotions to handle emerging issues instead of facts.

    Question Three

    I will email the general and human resources manager about the issue of the emotional floor manager and how his conduct leads to high turnover rates.

    Question Four

    To solve the problem, I will hearten the general and human resources manager to talk to the floor manager. They will encourage him to be open to speaking and listening to the employees, regardless of possible differences in views or personality. He will have to put his emotions aside to attain the objective of communicating clearly. Further, he should avoid treating workers differently based on their perceived status and power in the workplace. He should be enlightened that valuing different people allows them to draw in a broader array of insights, concepts, experiences, and knowledge.

    Question Five

    The best way to communicate the problem to the general and human resources manager is by emailing them. Therein, I will note the main communication problem of attacking an employee’s character and failing to address the real behavioral issue. In addition, I will state the number of instances when the floor manager mishandled employees. I will then suggest the general and human resources manager find time and talk to the floor manager to solve the issue.

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