I would be able to apply this formula in several ways, since I feel like my work

    I would be able to apply this formula in several ways, since I feel like my workplace takes the necessary steps and would be high in this equation.

    With innovation, taking the small wins with the large successes. We have a realistic expectation. Not only celebrating the ideas and the projects that create great revenue but also the small wins for example having our operators scan information into a system versus having to document the information on to a piece a sheet.

    With ownership, our business has been successful in creating good teams and creating a culture where we do take pride in what we do. My team and I have a desire to perform our jobs in an efficient and effective manner, while making it changes and improving how we do things.

    With creatively, we are given a platform and resources necessary to understand issues that we faced. Creative problem solving and having the diverse group of team members helps our team get to the bottom of things while taking things from different views.

    Change is a key element in this equation, having team meetings and weekly check in as well as having a Subject matter expert from the departments allows us to keep open communication.

    With all this being said, I would predict the quotient to be high because of the different pieces of the formula the organization.

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