I remember having this one dream when I was a kid. In my backyard, where I was h

    I remember having this one dream when I was a kid. In my backyard, where I was having fun with my buddies, I spotted a huge rabbit coming our way. It was taller than me since it was so large. When the rabbit approached, I noticed it was holding a basket in its jaws that was stuffed with Easter eggs. In our excitement, my buddies and I began removing the eggs from the basket. We were giggling and having a blast. The rabbit abruptly jumped away, leaving the group of us alone with the basket of eggs. The Easter Bunny had to be the huge bunny! It was wonderful to see such a large rabbit carrying Easter eggs to all of us. Lucky for us, there were a lot of eggs in the basket. Playing with the Easter eggs was so much fun, and we will always remember meeting the Easter Bunny. Dreams, according to Sigmund Freud, were a window into the unconscious mind (Freud, 2019). He thought that the unconscious mind may be understood through studying dreams because the content of dreams was frequently hidden from the conscious consciousness (Quinodoz, 2017). Freud thought that many mental problems were caused by the unconscious mind, and that these disorders could be understood and treated by grasping the meaning of dreams (Jenkins, 2017). This dream appears to be a classic instance of desire fulfillment, in accordance with Freud, as my friends and I are able to gather numerous Easter eggs from a huge rabbit. My waking life was probably filled with some tension or stress, and the dream was my subconscious mind’s way of giving those feelings a positive and joyful experience. The enormous rabbit in this dream can be a metaphor for the Easter Bunny, a fertility icon. The Easter Bunny’s bounty of life can be symbolized by the egg basket. It’s possible that the Easter Bunny’s height over me represents his authority and dominance over me. The fact that my friends and I were able to take so many eggs from the basket may serve as a metaphor for the abundance that the Easter Bunny leaves behind. This dream might have indicated that I was living in a fertile and prosperous period of my life. The fact that the rabbit left after giving us the eggs could be interpreted as a sign that I had to move forward with my plans. My acquaintance had had a dream in which she resided in a palace as a princess. She was happy and in love with life until one day a dragon stormed her palace and obliterated everything. She sobbed when she awoke, but the dream is still very clear in her mind. Freud said that this dream might be a representation of my friend’s feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. The dragon can stand in for my friend’s fear of being attacked or hurt, while the castle might be a metaphor for her sense of comfort and safety. My friend’s worry of losing her sense of security and safety may be represented by the demolition of the castle. She must be experiencing an overwhelming sense of worry and uncertainty if she sobbed when she first woke up. My other acquaintance had a vivid childhood fantasy about visiting the circus. She was ecstatic when she saw the clowns and animals. She was the only one who remembered the clowns when she returned to the circus the following day since she enjoyed it so much. Psychodynamic theories developed by Freud and Jung could be used to understand this dream (Jung,2019). The friend’s childhood longing to visit the circus indicates her want to go back to a period when she was carefree and joyful, according to Freud, who said that the dream could be understood as a wish fulfillment dream. A different interpretation offered by Jung is that the friend’s inner child was acting out in the dream. According to this view, the clowns represent the friend’s youthful side and the circus stands in for a joyful and exciting environment.

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