I must answer the following question: What are your career goals and how will th

    I must answer the following question: What are your career goals and how will this experience help you achieve those goals? Include prior relevant experience.
    I’m a first year medical student and am looking for help to write my personal statement for summer research opportunities. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to do research in undergrad and not for lack of trying. Professors I approached were wrapping up their research and retiring. Once time I even made it into a waiting list to start research in 2020, but COVID-19 hit and the research was closed down. I would really like to qualify for a position in my institutions research program because through research you can better appreciate the mechanics of medicine. It also challenge and help develop critical thinking in the field even more and allow you to solve problems quicker and with more efficiency. It allows us to see in depth why certain things happen they way they do, they allow us to study different variables and factors and see the benefits or risk of these. I’m still not certain which field I want to specialize yet, I’m just a first year student going into her second semester, but I’m greatly interested in internal medicine with possibility of cardiology, as well as dermatology and pathology. Therefore I’m really interested in cardiology, dermatology, infectious disease and immunology research opportunities. As for my career goals as a future physician I would like to create a practice that caters to my patients needs, for that I would need to have incredible problem solving skills which I do not lack, but there is always room for improvement. I would like to also be one of those physicians that tries to reduce the cost of patient care by being able to research for cost effective treatments that don’t reduce the quality of care. I know that this is a bit messy and my english vocabulary isn’t very broad, but i hope my point is coming across.

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