Huff, L. (2018, November 7). Lee Health – About us and our diversity [Video].

    Huff, L. (2018, November 7). Lee Health – About us and our diversity [Video]. YouTube.
    CBC News: The National. (2015, July 6). Sick doctors admit to spreading infections at work [Video]. YouTube.
    Develop a PowerPoint presentation that outlines your processes throughout the investigation and your findings. Your slides should include an interview with the relevant individuals, departments, and agencies that are involved in this scenario; evaluation of the information you gathered throughout the course of your investigation; determination of the best course of action.
    Please make sure you take into consideration the language barrier since one of Sara’s co-workers in this scenario only speaks Spanish. Also, have two or three slides that depict the financial implications of Sara missing work as well from the financial point of view of the agency. Health care coverage, or lack thereof, is to be considered here.
    Below is an outline of key slides components that I will be looking for in your presentation.
    Introduction: (background and context of the problem)
    Importance/relevance and extent of the problem
    Stakeholder issues
    Legal, ethical, and financial implications—Sarah’s perspectives.
    Legal, ethical, and financial implications—agency’s perspectives.
    Possible solutions and current attempts
    Specific plan (policies or education program) and its likelihood of success
    References—at least 3 scholarly sources must be used, cited, and included in the reference list.

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