For this written assignment, please address the question posed below. – Panda an

    For this written assignment, please address the question posed below.
    – Panda and Amaratunga (2019) discuss what they term an “urbanization challenge” which pertains to the need to make cities more resilient and the importance of governance. If/how do their views on hazards governance align with the readings from Unit 1 (READINGS HAVE BEEN UPLOADED). Please also explain what a path to resilience means in practical or operational terms — at least according to Panda and Amaratunga (2019) — and how it relates to the logic of community preparedness, response and recovery.
    Further, please indicate clearly your question you are responding to at the top of your document.
    The Reaction Essay must be between 1,500 to 2,000 words. Please do not include an abstract. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) method of citing references. Check out Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab Links to an external site.which is a very useful website that explains the APA citation method, with lots of clear illustrations. The APA website Links to an external site.includes PDFs and video tutorials to learn and apply APA formatting.
    5 Rules for successful (and correct) references:
    1. Avoid long direct quotes. You are supposed to make the argument. The quote is merely there to support your argument, not make the argument for you.
    2. Quotes require quotation marks. A verbatim quote without quotation marks is plagiarism.
    3. Use in-text citations. Don’t waste your time spelling out article types, titles, or authors. In-text citations are there so you can get directly to the point. For example, Meyer (2020) states that…
    4. In-text citations come in pairs. Every in-text citation needs an end reference that fully details author name(s), article/book title, year of publication, journal names, etc.
    5. How to format your end reference depends on the reference style you have chosen. Chose a style and stick with it–consistency across all your end references is key.

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