For this assignment, select an ethical or legal dilemma and examine the accounta

    For this assignment, select an ethical or legal dilemma and examine the accountability of the DNP-prepared nurse in resolving ethical and legal dilemmas to ensure safe and effective patient-centered care.
    Include the following in your paper:
    Introduce the paper’s topic and establish its importance.
    Present a clear purpose statement.
    Provide the reader with a brief organizing statement of what will be discussed in the paper.
    Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare: Explain the ethical or legal dilemma in healthcare.
    Describe the ethical or legal dilemma and its impact on healthcare outcomes.
    Explain if the dilemma is an ethical issue, a legal issue, or both.
    Identify the key issues surrounding the dilemma.
    What are the consequences if the dilemma is not resolved appropriately and timely?
    Differing Views: Identify and examine differing views that create the dilemma.
    Determine the stakeholders most impacted by the dilemma.
    Describe the impact on staff, patients, and the community.
    Are the views influenced by culture, socio-economic status, religion, generational differences, ethnic diversity, or other factors?
    The Role of the DNP-Prepared Nurse in Resolving Legal and Ethical Dilemmas: Base analysis on a review of the literature.
    Explain the position you would choose as a DNP-prepared nurse.
    Cite at least three (3) scholarly sources to defend your position.
    How would you demonstrate leadership accountability to reach a positive outcome?
    How would you mitigate risk to the organization?
    Recap the paper’s purpose statement and organizing criteria.
    Draw major conclusions from the body of the paper.
    Summarize the DNP-prepared nurse’s accountability for resolving legal and ethical dilemmas in the healthcare setting.
    References (minimum of 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources)
    Create the reference page.
    Ensure each reference has a matching citation.
    Support your position and the impact of the dilemma on healthcare by using evidence from at least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed journal sources (preferably research or systematic reviews) that are retrieved from library databases. Do not use textbooks, government sources, or organizational websites for the three sources in this assignment.
    Use the APA Paper Template to format this assignment.
    Turn on Grammarly to check the correctness of the grammar and punctuation as you write. (Note: if you have not already done so, please download the free version at before construction of the assignment.)
    Construct a title page using the APA paper template
    Use the following prescribed Level I headings for the paper:
    Ethical and Legal Dilemmas in Healthcare
    Differing Views
    Role of the DNP-Prepared Nurse in Resolving Ethical and Legal Dilemmas
    1-inch margins
    Double-spaced pages
    12-point Times New Roman font or 11-point Arial
    Headings & subheadings
    In-text citations
    Title page
    References page
    Standard English usage and mechanics

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