During the semester students must contribute eight (1-2 pages) reading response

    During the semester students must contribute eight (1-2 pages) reading response discussions under the “discussion” section on Canvas. Discussions encourage inquiry, analysis, and discussion among students, online. Discussions are due at the end of each module. Students are required, to read one another’s discussion posts and respond to two students with a minimum of 150 words per response. These responses are evaluated on the basis of the quality of students’ engagement with the core themes of the readings and the coherence and clarity of the writing.  As you read for the week, consider the following questions. Please be sure to include all materials covered in the module in your discussions to receive full credit.
    These questions will also help you to write your discussion responses:                                                                                                               
    1) What is the main argument(s) Why did the author(s) write the article or chapter?
    2) What are the key findings?
    3) What data is used as evidence by the author to support the claims he/she makes in his/her argument?
    4) What is useful about the reading(s)? What were your takeaways or AHA moments?
    5) Were any of the points made questionable? If so, why?
    6) How do the various readings/film assigned inform each other? Contradict? Raise new questions?
    7) Discuss potential future research.
    Here are some of the resources to use:



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