Due: 01/25/2023 Chapter: 1 Worth: 5 points Assignment: Do some research and writ

    Due: 01/25/2023
    Chapter: 1
    Worth: 5 points
    Assignment: Do some research and write a 2-3 page evaluation of available database products (examples might be Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.) Your paper should have at least 4 database application examples (at least 2 commercial and 2 free). You also must mave a “pros” and “cons” for each example. You should also have a summary/conclusion where you wrap things up.
    There is no required “overall format” (like APA), but it should be well organized and easy to understand. There is no need for a formal references/citation section. But, I’m expecting a well-researched and thought out report… not just a quick Internet search followed by a bunch of copy-n-paste operations. You will be graded on both the content and your level of understanding of the topic.
    Note: If you’re not familiar with database products, that’s OK… the purpose for this assignment is to get to know them!
    Purpose: To demonstrate your understanding of the options for databases
    At least 2 pages (single spaced) long. Note: 1.5 pages does not equal 2.
    Please don’t attempt to circumvent the page count by using “filler” text, large fonts, bullets, tables, etc. (result is about 500 words per page)
    At least 4 examples of the assigned topic
    Pros and cons for each example
    Summary and/or conclusion
    Paraphrase, do not copy! No more than 35% of the content is copied
    Expectations: A single Microsoft Word document

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