Discuss the terms “Francophone” and “La Francophonie.” Go to the Internet & look

    Discuss the terms “Francophone” and “La Francophonie.” Go to the Internet & look up two sites (you must cite the sources for ALL the discussions) regarding these terms and answer 1-4:
    Indicate what they mean.
    Name some Francophone countries in Africa (our area of study in this course). Watch this video in French to see if you can understand some of the countries in French: Francophone countries
    Also, indicate which of these countries you would like to know more about and why.
    Respond to another student’s post.
    For all discussion boards, you must write at least 100 words for the main discussion, and at least 50 words for your response to a classmate. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, and style count. Your score is based on the quality of your response. Writing “I agree” or “I disagree” will not give you a maximum score and words like these will not count towards the minimum number of words. You must NOT copy and paste from the Internet or any source without giving credit. If you do cite, please provide Internet links at the end of your discussion boards:
    For example, the article posted in week 1 activities:
    The plagiarism tool is turned on; it will check automatically for plagiarism (copying from the Internet or some other source). Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment. Please plan accordingly.

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