Defining Culture, Understanding Ethnography, Exploring Methodology What is SubCu

    Defining Culture, Understanding Ethnography, Exploring Methodology
    What is SubCulture/Ethnography/Participant-Observation Research?
    You are going to be writing an ethnography in this course. Most people have little exposure to this kind of research. In order to be successful in this course, a clear, accurate, and concrete definition of a few key terms is necessary, terms such as: Culture/Subculture, Ethnography, and Participant Observation Research. For many of you, this is your first exposure to these terms, or, if you’ve heard the terms before, at a minimum, you will likely be unfamiliar with the way we are using these terms for this course.
    For example, many of you have heard the term “culture” before, and for many of you, culture is what describes collections of people within a nation state, i.e. American culture, British culture, Ancient Viking culture, and so on. For sure, there are similarities between this definition of culture, often called “high” culture, and the kind of culture we are studying in this course, but the culture we are studying, also called “subculture,” is more varied and wide-reaching than this definition allows.
    For this assignment, you will define each of these terms. In crafting your definition, you should reference at least (3) different online sources for each term. Your definition of each term should include varied support, examples, and multiple lines of reasoning. You are not writing a dictionary definition, but a developed and expansive explanation of each of the terms. Each examination should be at least (100) words.
    Brass Tacks:
    If you take language directly and verbatim from a source, put quotation marks around the borrowed text.
    At the end of each definition, list the URLs for the sources referenced.

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