Critical factors for the success of a project Instructions Read Chapter 2, title

    Critical factors for the success of a project
    Read Chapter 2, titled “Project Start”, of the textbook Manual for project managers: How to manage projects successfully, available in the required resources of the module.
    After reading the assigned chapter, he conducts research, using academic references, on the following topic: Critical success factors throughout the life cycle of a project. You can go to the Virtual Library or, if you use Internet resources, you must make sure that the source used is academic.
    Note: If you wish, you can enter the website of the Project Management Institute that you can find at the following address: Links to an external site.. On this site there are numerous articles in English that they can help you with this task; among them you can find the following:
    Then, in the box that reads Looking for something else?, enter the following heading “Critical Success Factors Across the Project Life Cycle” in the search field that says Search All Learning Content to access the article.
    Prepare an essay in which you discuss the critical success factors of a project and describe at least five (5) success factors that emerge from the literature consulted. Compare them with those that appear in chapter 2 of the required book. Identify which ones are similar, additional, or different.
    Keep in mind that you must write your work using the essay structure and applying the skills to summarize, deduce, specify and interrelate concepts in order to transmit the relevant information in a logical and coherent way. In your work you must demonstrate the research carried out on the subject, apply your critical judgment to deepen the knowledge acquired, highlight the main elements, interrelate pertinent secondary themes, present your arguments and support them with works by other authors, as well as propose recommendations. Try to be original in your analysis and establish the importance of the subject in the discipline of study.
    You can use the following guiding questions to guide your research and writing, but remember that the work will be assessed as a whole, with emphasis on your critical analysis and your ability to demonstrate mastery of the topic:
    Define what is meant by success factors for a project.
    Describe at least five success factors that you identify in the literature consulted and compare them with those described in the text. Identify which ones are similar, additional, or different.

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