Choose two from the four cluster questions in the discussion forum for this modu

    Choose two from the four cluster questions in the discussion forum for this module and write an original posting to each of the two. To receive full credit, your postings must be at least 300 words each and give evidence of serious reflection of the issues in this module. The postings are due by Thursday of the First Week of this module, but earlier postings may result in a greater number of responses from your colleagues.
    Both Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are classified as wisdom books.How are the two books different from each other? Is there a way to harmonize their teachings about life? Which of the two comes closer to describing your own approach to life?
    The author of Ecclesiastes was frustrated by the lack of permanence in life.Does transience of life bother you? Is the Teacher a wise realist, a cynic tired of life, or a clinically depressed person? Is the Book of Ecclesiastes a “keeper?” do you look forward to reading it again?
    The Teacher calls people to enjoy their life and work.What is his view of work and material wealth? What makes your work enjoyable as a health care professional? What is the Teacher’s view of the afterlife? What have you learned from persons who suddenly had to face a terminal illness? How does the awareness that we are mortal shape our view of life?
    The movie, The Bucket List, portrays two terminally ill men making a list of what they wish to do before they die.Do you have a “bucket list” of achievements in your life beyond the completion of this bachelor’s degree program and what steps are you taking to achieve these? Given the uncertainties of health, wealth, and even life, why does the Teacher urge the reader to find pleasure in work, food, and family? Would taking this advice to heart affect your present daily schedule and the way you live now?

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