Below are the comments and corrections that my Committee Chair made to Chapter T

    Below are the comments and corrections that my Committee Chair made to Chapter Two. Please make those changes.
    First, as I have mentioned before, the review of the literature needs to be expressed in past tense. Much of the chapter is in present tense. I have highlighted all the verbs that need to be changed in red color.
    Second, the organization of the chapter needs adjustments. The sections that address the general impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on public education should be at the beginning of the chapter to provide the “big picture” first. Those sections are currently at the end of the chapter.
    Third, there are several paragraphs throughout the chapter that need to be rewritten. There are paragraphs that contain information on different topics. A paragraph should contain information pertaining to one topic. In many instances, you begin writing about a particular topic and then change topics within or at the end of the paragraph. We must be sure that this change of topics within paragraphs does not occur. I have noted these inconsistencies with comments that are in red, underlined and within parenthesis.
    Fourth, at the end of the chapter, there needs to be reporting of the literature on the teaching of psychomotor skills by CTAE teachers. This is very important. This research, or lack of it, is crucial for making the case for the need for your study. Please add a section that speaks to this research at the end of the chapter.
    Finally, there are subsection titles that are not quite appropriate for the content that follows. I have made suggestions for changes.

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