A large amount of organizations label innovation as one of their main company go

    A large amount of organizations label innovation as one of their main company goals. This is because innovation helps you gain the competitive advantage, and improve your processes to operate more efficiently (Hisrich, 2012).
    My company will invest in innovation without a second thought. Whenever an innovative idea comes up they are willing to give it a try. My company works to always get feedback from the entire organization so they know how to operate more efficiently. Because of this I am constantly allowed to provide feedback about operations and see the process change, and be innovated.
    Ownership is something that is substantially important in the implementation of corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative ideas. If people do not care about the company’s mission, they will not work to implement the innovative ideas wholeheartedly (Hisrich, 2012). As a leader in a store I am tasked with taking the innovative ideas to the store and having the people under me own them. To do this I have built a culture where people want to be the best. This was done by providing incentives, listening to peoples concerns, and building a level of trust with my team. When your team knows that you are their to support them they are more likely to help implement ideas.
    Creativity is the next step of the corporate entrepreneur process. Earlier this year I was transferred to a store that had not performed in decades. I knew to make the store succeed I was going to have to build a culture where innovation and creativity were prevalent. We have a big dream at our store to beat organizational targets. To do that we have had to get creative on how we are going to reach those goals. Each crew member and managers grievances were listened to when I arrived at the store. I then set the management team down for a brainstorming session that allowed everyone to get on the same page. That brainstorming session allowed us to fix a few small things that were lost in communication, and pushed our store forward (Hisrich, 2012). We will continue to build a culture where everyone is given the opportunity to bring up ideas that will push the store forward. The managers that were their new the crew and what incentives them. Because of their knowledge we were able to create incentives that made the crew members take ownership.
    I really resonated with the term “gradual greatness (Hisrich, 2012).” I know a lot about the operations of the business and things that need changed to improve the business. But to make the people own the change I could not change everything at once. Each day I let people know of a task that needs to be completed daily. Each day we work that into our improvement and change. If the change happened suddenly the managers would not implement it and take ownership of it. Instead they would be overwhelmed by the change and provide the opposite results.
    The quotient of corporate entrepreneurship in our company is it is working. People take ownership of the change in our organization and are excited to see its positive impacts. With each bit of change we have improved and made everyone’s lives easier.
    Thank you. Have a great day.
    Skyler Carr
    Hisrich, R., & Kearney, C. (2012). Corporate entrepreneurship: How to create a thriving entrepreneurial spirit throughout your company. McGraw-Hill.

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